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When Competitors Incorporate Your Name In Their Online Marketing: Tipsy Elves’ Approach May Provide Some Sobering Guidance

Internet advertising continues to present special legal challenges for trademark owners.  In particular, courts are still wrestling with the question as to whether an online advertiser may use a competitor’s name to promote a competing product.  Is it legal to use a competitor’s trademark in keyword searches and online advertising text through such platforms as …

FTC-Based Claims Raised in Fast Forward Suit Potentially Yet Another Shot Across The Bow For Online Influencers, Endorsers, And Marketers

A lot of attention has been paid recently to the warning letters issued by the Federal Trade Commission to a number of prominent online “influencers.” The letters addressed advertising disclosure requirements under the FTC Endorsement Guides (the “FTC Guidelines”). Essentially, under the FTC Guidelines, social media influencers must be very careful to clearly and conspicuously disclose whether …


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